London Underground apprenticeships

"My role in Fleet is very hands on. I work with a variety of teams within depots where I undertake tasks that could range from fault finding to fitting and replacing components on the trains."

— Laura, London Underground Fleet apprentice

Track Technician apprentice working at depot

Track - Level 2

Be part of our teams working to ensure the reliability and safety of passengers

LV Cables apprentice

LV Cables - Level 3

Be a part of the team that work to ensure cables on the network are safe

Female apprentice smiling at camera

Track Renewal - Level 3

Be part of the team that renew the tracks to keep our trains running

Female apprentice working at Depot

Engineering Vehicles - Level 3

Join the team that works on several mechanised rolling stock

signalling control centre

Signalling and Control - Level 3

Help to manage the train service safely and efficiently

An escalator apprentice on site

Lifts & escalators - Level 3

Make sure our services are accessible to customers

Signal at Liverpool Street Station

Signals - Level 3

Help keep trains at a safe distance apart at all times

lu-apprentice-electrical installation

Electrical Installation - Level 3

Ensure the ongoing performance of the Tube in our Electrical Division

LU Railway Engineering apprentice

Rail Engineering Workshop - L3

Work alongside skilled engineers and learn how our varied train systems operate

Three apprentices in training

Power - Level 4

Learn how to operate complex components in our Power Division