London Underground Signals - Level 3

How long: 3 years

Where: London

Salary: £23,404

What you'll need

  • A minimum of 2 GCSEs Grade A* - C or Grade 4 and above including Maths and English language
  • You must be 18 years old by March 2024 to be eligible for this scheme

Job overview

Signalling is one of the key safety strategies on our lines, keeping trains at a safe distance apart at all times.

Since 1863, we've used signals on London Underground to keep our passengers safe and the trains running on time. We're currently upgrading our signalling systems across the network. An exciting time to join us!

"I'd recommend this apprenticeship scheme to anyone who is looking for a good working environment, personal skillset development, rewards for hard work and a long-term career."

What you'll be doing

London Underground's network covers a vast area from zones 1-9 and 11 different lines.

Because of the many interchanges and constant pressure on our network to always be on, it's the responsibility of our signalling engineers to ensure our lines are running safely and at full capacity.

Advancements in technology are making this role increasingly interesting. You'll be working on one of the world's oldest transport networks rolling out the most advanced technology. A truly unique opportunity.

You may choose to specialise in design, construction or maintenance as your careers progresses.

Where this career can take you

The apprenticeship is just the start of your career! Upon successful completion of this scheme, you could roll-off into a Support Technician role.

This role could lead to further career development opportunities such as Technical Officer, which is supported by the courses that you achieve during the scheme.

There'll be plenty of opportunities and support on your personal development throughout the duration of your apprenticeship.

Many our senior members of staff started off as apprentices and have worked their way up to executive level. So possibility will always be at your fingertips. Success has no limits!

Once you roll-off you'll be supported and encouraged to work towards the appropriate licences that will allow you to become a member of the Institution of Railway Signal Engineers (IRSE)