The Act also states that we have a duty to help the Mayor complete his duties. In particular, we are required to provide or secure the provision of public passenger transport services, to, from or within Greater London.

As a highway and traffic authority for GLA roads, we regulate how the public uses highways and we are responsible for:

  • Traffic signs
  • Traffic control systems
  • Road safety
  • Traffic reduction

We are also the licensing authority for hackney carriages (taxis) and private hire vehicles (minicabs).

The GLA sets down our powers and duties. In general, we can delegate to agencies to act on our behalf.

However, in the case of certain specified activities, that delegation is limited.

Those activities specified by the Transport for London (Specified Activities) Order 2000 must be carried out by us through a company limited by shares (which may be one of our subsidiaries).

Transport Trading Limited (TTL) is our trading body. See details of our subsidiary companies.

All functions remain with our Board unless delegated. The Board may arrange to delegate its functions to any of our committees and sub-committees, any subsidiaries, any members or officers and any bodies of members and/or officers.

Our Standing Orders lay down the decision-making structure and proceedings, and the scheme of delegation.