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Taking the London LOOP is a great way to get to know London better. Made up of 24, mostly flat or gently sloping sections, its combination of beautiful open spaces like Hainault Forest Country Park and Bushy Park, historic buildings (Hall Place and Black Jack's Lock & Mill), makes this an enjoyable walk.


  • Hall Place
  • Addinton Hills
  • Farthing Down
  • Bushy Park
  • Black Jack's Lock & Mill
  • The Shot Tower
  • Bentley Priory
  • Enfield Lock
  • Hainault Forest Country Park
  • Rainham Marshes


The London LOOP is way-marked by different signs in different areas. Look out for:

  • A white disc displaying a directional arrow, a blue flying kestrel and green text - these are mounted on wooden posts in country areas*
  • A larger, aluminium sign featuring a walking man symbol - these are strapped to lamp posts (and other street furniture) in urban areas
  • The word link - this is incorporated into the large, aluminium signage on link routes to stations
  • A tall, green and white signpost - these appear at major focal points and will tell you the distances to three points in either direction

*Please look carefully at the white disc logos. The direction might not be clear until you're close up.

Route sections


Completed this walk? Why not download the certificate to celebrate.


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