The Mayor of London and TfL are helping to clean up London's air through the Ultra Low Emission Zone. 

Toxic air pollution is the biggest environmental risk to Londoners' health, and traffic emissions are the biggest source of toxic air in London.

Toxic air pollution increases your risk of heart and lung disease, worsens chronic illnesses such as asthma, and puts children's health at risk. It's not just a central London problem. Many areas across the city are exceeding the legal limits for pollution.

How the ULEZ helps air pollution

The aim of the expanded ULEZ is to help reduce harmful nitrogen dioxide by around 30% across London.

Many of those who travel in the expanded ULEZ have already taken action to clean up their vehicles and help clean up London's air. More than 80% of vehicles are now compliant, which is up from 39% in February 2017 when plans for the larger area were first announced.

See what else we're doing to improve the environment in London.

Where the money goes

We don't make a profit and we are committed to reducing our costs. Any money received from the ULEZ will be reinvested into improving the transport network, including cycleways, buses and Tube, and helping to improve London's air quality.

Check if your vehicle meets the standards

Use our vehicle checker to find out if your vehicle meets the emissions standard and the charges you need to pay. 

Alternative transport options

To help clean up London's air, we are encouraging all Londoners to walk, cycle or use public transport.

Cycling and walking

People who walk or cycle 20 minutes a day as part of their regular journeys feel improved mental and physical wellbeing. Look out for the temporary cycle lanes and wider pavements so you can walk or cycle more safely.

To encourage cycling, we:

Public transport

Travel off-peak anywhere between Zones 2 and 6 for £1.60, and use our Hopper fare to take unlimited bus or tram journeys within one hour for £1.65. This includes our night buses.

Download the TfL Go app on the Apple Store or Google Play for live travel updates and to find quiet times to travel. We regularly clean our services using hospital grade antiviral disinfectant.

Every bus you catch meets the highest emissions standards.

Taxis and private hire vehicles

We've also been working to create cleaner taxis and cleaner private hire vehicles.

Car clubs

Car Clubs are short-term car rental services. They give members access to locally parked cars, through paying by the minute, hour or day.

Many car clubs now operate electric or hybrid vehicles, which can help reduce emissions and improve air quality. Find out more about car clubs and the companies that provide them.

Considering going electric? See a list of eligible vehicles for a government grant on