Vehicles included are:

  • Motorcycles
  • Mopeds
  • Motorised tricycles
  • Quadricycles (L category)

Minimum emission standards

All vehicles will need to meet Euro 3 emissions standards.

The ULEZ will be enforced based on the declared emissions of the vehicle rather than the age - but generally speaking Euro 3 engines as those registered with the DVLA after July 2007.

Charges (if ULEZ standards not met)

We would prefer vehicle owners to use vehicles that meet the new emissions standards rather than pay a daily charge.

  • Daily charge - ULEZ (Low): £12.50
  • Penalty charge: £160 (reduced to £80 if paid within 14 days)

These are in addition to any Congestion Charges that apply. (Motorcycles etc are not subject to the Low Emission Zone (LEZ).)

Your options

If your vehicle does not meet the required ULEZ standards you can:

Walk, cycle or use our public transport network

Take advantage of our fares freeze and off-peak fares

  • Use our Hopper fare to take unlimited bus or tram journeys within one hour for £1.50. Find out more about the Hopper fare
  • Travel off peak anywhere between Zones 2 and 6 for £1.50. Find out more about fares
  • Night services on the Tube and London Overground are off peak
  • If you're planning a night out, travel from Zones 2-9 in to Zone 1 during the rush hour from £2.40. When is off peak?

Upgrade to a second-hand vehicle that meets ULEZ standards

  • Nearly all motorcycles produced since 2007 meet the ULEZ standards
  • Check your vehicle registration document to find your vehicle's Euro emission standard or NOx emissions. If these are not listed on the vehicle registration document then use our vehicle checker

The date when your vehicle was first registered with the DVLA is in section B of the document. You can check the date with's vehicle enquiry service.

Pay the daily charge

  • You'll be able to pay any ULEZ, LEZ and/or Congestion Charges that apply online, all at the same time

Go electric

  • Electric motorcycles emit no NOx or CO2 from the tailpipe. More information about electric vehicles, including a list of those eligible for a grant, is on's page on plug-in grants

See if you qualify for a discount or exemption

Questions about ULEZ?

If you need urgent advice about the ULEZ, or disagree with information supplied by our vehicle checker, you can make an enquiry and attach supporting evidence.

ULEZ boundary expansion

From October 2021 the ULEZ will expand to the North and South Circular Roads. All motorcycles within the expanded zone will need to meet the ULEZ emissions standards or pay a daily charge.

Find out more about this and other planned changes for the ULEZ and the Low Emission Zone from 2020.