How to book

Members can request one advance booking any day of the week, up to seven days ahead of travel. Advance bookings are limited to a maximum of one return journey per week. Members can also request next day and same day journeys, where no limits apply.

Next day and advance bookings

Fill out the Booking request form and email it by 16:00 on the day before you want to travel for next day bookings, or up to a week in advance for advance bookings to

Same day bookings

Call our contact centre - give us a minimum of two hours' notice before your requested time of travel.

Phone: 0343 222 7777 (call charges) 09:00-16:00 


Dial-a-Ride can be very busy. This means we cannot accommodate every request that we receive. To increase your chance of success, use our next day or advanced booking services.

Sometimes, if we are fully booked, we will only be able to offer part of your journey (eg the outward or return journey). This may still be useful to you if you are able to make alternative arrangements for the portion of the journey that Dial-a-Ride is unable to provide.

Same day bookings rely on cancellations by other passengers so they have a much lower success rate than our next day service. To increase your chances of success, always use our next day or advance booking services.

Types of trips

Dial-a-Ride cannot accommodate:

  • Hospital and clinic appointments - Contact the medical professional who referred you, or the hospital/clinic, for information about alternative services that cater for hospital journeys. You can, however, use Dial-a-Ride to visit your GP
  • Day centres and school - Contact your day centre manager or school administrator for details about alternative services
  • Work - Dial-a-Ride cannot easily accommodate daily trips to work due to limited resources. Contact your local job centre for details of the Access to Work scheme if you require this type of journey

Where is my vehicle?

Phone: 0343 222 7777 (call charges), 08:00 to 20:00

Cancel a booking

Phone: 0343 222 7777 (call charges)

Other contact details

PO Box 68799
London SE1P 4RD

Contact Dial-a-Ride

Email address

Phone: 0343 222 7777
Fax: 020 7394 5218

TfL call charges

PO Box 68799
London SE1P 4RD