Highway works

Section 278 agreements

These agreements make sure highway works in planning permissions are completed and funded by planning applicants. They're made under Section 278 of the Highways Act 1980, as amended by Section 23 of the New Roads and Street Works Act 1991.

Your highway works in London may now need to be redesigned, delayed or implemented differently due to the Mayor's and TfL's latest plans to make walking and cycling easier on streets across the city.

Before we enter into a Section 278 agreement, we need:

  • Full planning permission for the proposed works
  • The developer to enter into an Abortive Costs Undertaking (ACU)
  • The Section 278 works deemed a benefit to the public
  • All land necessary to carry out the Section 278 works are controlled by the developer

As highway authority, we have the power to decide the acceptability of a contractor that works on the TLRN.

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You can send questions to section278team@tfl.gov.uk.

Residential vehicular crossovers

Agreements for residential vehicular crossovers (also known as dropped kerbs) on the TLRN are also made under Section 278 agreements.

To get a vehicle crossover on the TLRN (also known as red routes), the local council must give planning permission.

As the TLRN has classified roads, a vehicular crossover on the red route can't be determined under Permitted Development Rights.

Apply for a crossover

1. Read our guidance before applying:

2. Apply for planning permission through the local council

3. The council considers your application and consults us

4. We'll advise the council on how safe and appropriate the crossover is

5. The council will issue a decision notice

6. We can only carry out the works through a Section 278 agreement once you've received planning permission. Email section278team@tfl.gov.uk with a copy of your decision notice

7. You pay an administration fee and the total cost of the works must also be paid by the resident

8. We'll build the crossover

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You can send questions to spatialplanning@tfl.gov.uk.

Road Safety Audit

You should do a Road Safety Audit for all highway works on the TLRN.

A Stage 1 Road Safety Audit should be done before your planning application if you're proposing a material change to our highway. It can only be done after your application if agreed with us in writing.

Read our requirements and expectations for road safety audits carried out on the TLRN:

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You can send questions to tflsafetyaudit@tfl.gov.uk.

Section 177 Licences

The construction of a canopy, building or part of a building over the TLRN may only be carried out if licensed under Section 177 of the Highways Act 1980.

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You can send questions to section278team@tfl.gov.uk.