Bus lane database

The database can't be accessed directly by the general public.

Borough access to the database

Borough officers can request access to the database. Any officers who do not have access to this already can get in touch with their engagement lead in our Local Community and Partnerships team.

The database will be updated regularly to capture any changes such as population/bus passenger increases. We welcome any information from Boroughs that could help us keep the database up to date.

Information for the public

Members of the public who need information either from the bus lane database or about individual Traffic Regulation Orders for bus lanes on TfL-managed roads can use our contact form on Help & contacts.

Information about these roads is on the Red routes pages. All other roads are the responsibility of the relevant highway authority, usually the local borough.

About the database

The bus lane database is used for reporting purposes and includes information on:

  • Bus routes
  • Bus lane, bus gate and bus-only road locations
  • Hours of operation
  • Permitted users

Users can filter the database by borough, road type, and operational hours. The bus lanes can be viewed on a map and the database generates printable reports.