Student travel

Safer travel

See our Safer travel guidance for advice on safer travel and changes to public transport.

Get an 18+ Student Oyster photocard

You can save 30% on Travelcards and Bus & Tram Passes with our 18+ Student Oyster photocard. You can also use this Oyster card to pay as you go but you won't receive the 30% discount.

Find the cost of Travelcards and Bus & Tram Passes.

Use pay as you go

If you live near your school, college or university, or only make a few journeys, it could be cheaper to travel using pay as you go, instead of travelling with a discounted Travelcard or Bus & Tram Pass.

You can use your 18+ Student Oyster card, a standard adult Oyster card or contactless (card or device) to pay as you go.

Get a Railcard

Get a 16-25 Railcard or 26-30 Railcard and add it to your 18+ Student Oyster photocard, or standard adult Oyster card to get 34% off pay as you go off-peak fares and daily caps for:

  • Tube
  • London Overground
  • Elizabeth line
  • most National Rail services in London

Travel off-peak

Travelling off-peak using pay as you go can be cheaper. Start your journey before 06:30, between 09:30 and 15:59, or after 19:00 on weekdays. Or, travel anytime on weekends and bank holidays. Our Night Tube and London Overground Night Services are also off-peak.

Travel at quieter times

The quieter times on public transport are between 08:15 and 16:00 and after 17:30 on weekdays, and before noon and after 18:00 on weekends. These times may change as schools and offices start to reopen.

Daily capping

Make as many journeys as you like in one day using your 18+ Student Oyster photocard, standard adult Oyster card or contactless (card or device) and we'll cap your fare.

Get the Hopper fare

Our Hopper fare lets you make unlimited bus or tram journeys in one hour, for £1.75 using pay as you go.

How to travel around London

Our steps to help you plan your journey:

  1. Where do you need to go? See our maps
  2. How much does it cost? Check our single fare finder
  3. How do you get there? Use our TfL Go app or Journey Planner
  4. Are there delays? Check for status updates and sign up for email alerts

Travelling at night

Our Night Tube and London Overground Night Services run on Friday and Saturday nights, on several lines. Our night buses run every night of the week.

Using taxis and minicabs

Minicabs must be booked with a licensed minicab company, via app, online, phone or in a minicab office. Always check your booking confirmation. If the driver or car isn't the same, don't get in - it isn't safe.

Only black taxis (the ones with the orange 'taxi' lights) can be hailed off the street or from one of 600 taxi ranks across London. They can also be booked by phone or app. Every taxi has a card machine, so if you don't have cash, you can pay using credit, debit or contactless.

Report unwanted sexual behaviour offences, such as groping or indecent acts, to the police by dialling 999 if it's an emergency - otherwise call 101.

Report any inappropriate driver behaviour, such as comments that make you feel uncomfortable, to TfL by calling 0343 222 4000 (Monday-Friday, 08:00-18:00) or contact us online about taxi and private hire.

Accessible travel

London is becoming one of the most accessible cities in the world.

We know it can be daunting if it's unfamiliar, so our accessible travel resources, real-time information, audio and step free tube maps and travel mentoring sessions will help you make your journey.


Use your own bike or hire a Santander Cycle. You can ride from as little as £1.65 a day or get 25% off a yearly membership to explore the city. Our cycling routes and maps will help guide you around.


Walking is a great way to discover London. Our Legible London maps give you information about local areas and walking times between destinations.

You can also plan your journey to see walking routes.

Riding a motorcycle

If you're travelling by motorcycle, moped or scooter in London, we've got free courses to give you the knowledge and skills to ride with confidence.

Start exploring London

Explore more than 500 museums, galleries, street art and more, all within a short walk or bus ride from each Tube, DLR or London Overground station with our interactive Cultural Maps.