Contact us about taxi and private hire

If you have witnessed a road traffic incident or an offence on the roads then this can be reported directly to the police.

For all other enquiries, positive feedback or complaints (including those relating to the Equality Act 2010) then please use our web form below.

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Private Hire Vehicle roundel number (on the front and back windscreens of the taxi)

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Tell us in your own words about the service or incident you want to comment on or submit a complaint about. include contact details of police or any witnesses if needed.

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Data Protection Statement

Transport for London (TfL), its subsidiaries and service providers will use the information you provide on this form to process your comments. If you have made a complaint, we will investigate the incident that you have reported and may contact you to ask for further information or to provide you with feedback. On some occasions, we may need to share your information with associated organisations or their agents for these purposes. Your personal information will be properly safeguarded and processed in accordance with the requirements of privacy and data protection legislation. To find out more about how TfL handles personal data, see our Privacy and cookies pages.