Contact us about taxi and private hire

Comments about taxi and private hire services

If you want to make a comment or complaint about taxi or private hire, including minicab, services in London you can either contact the company you booked with or contact us.

You should contact the company you booked with if:

  • Your driver was late or did not arrive
  • You have a problem with your account
  • There was an issue with the cleanliness of the vehicle (e.g. it smelled or was dirty)

You can contact us using the form below for other comments or complaints including:

  • Your driver's behaviour was unacceptable (e.g. they were abusive, aggressive, offensive, or driving dangerously)
  • You were overcharged
  • The driver refused to take you
  • There was a problem when you tried to pay by card in a taxi
  • You have a guide dog or other assistance dog and you were refused a journey or charged more
  • You are a wheelchair user and were refused a journey or charged more
  • Complaints about taxis hailed in the street or hired from taxi ranks
  • You are dissatisfied with the way a private hire operator has handled a complaint you made to them

When you report something to us please include as much information as possible.

If you booked a vehicle and have a booking confirmation this should include details of the company, driver and vehicle. You can share a screenshot of the booking confirmation with us in the supporting documents field in the form below. All fields in the form need to be completed unless they're marked as optional.

Journeys booked through an operator

Feedback and enquiries relating to a journey booked through an operator can be raised directly with the relevant operator. If you are not satisfied with the response you receive or wish to make a complaint or provide feedback about an operator, you can do so here.

Lost property

For lost property in:

  • Taxis (black cabs) please visit our Lost property page
  • Minicabs and other PHVs please contact the company you made the booking with

Reporting a crime or traffic offence

Where a crime is suspected, there is a danger to life, or violence has been used then please call 999 to immediately report this to the police.

If you have witnessed a road traffic incident or an offence on the roads then this can be reported directly to the police.

Taxi and private hire licence queries

If you are a taxi or PHV applicant or driver, and have a query about your application or licence please do not use the form below to contact us. Instead please visit our taxi and private hire licensing section for information on applications, renewals and how to contact us. The form below is for passengers and members of the public and if you use this it may delay your query being dealt with.

Please note complaints involving a civil dispute, residential complaints, and complaints outside of Greater London Authority (GLA) are not within TfL's remit and therefore you will need to report to your local council or follow instructions on the appeal letter.

For all other enquiries, positive feedback or complaints (including those relating to the Equality Act 2010), use our web form below.

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Transport for London (TfL), its subsidiaries and service providers will use the information you provide on this form to process your comments. If you have made a complaint, we will investigate the incident that you have reported and may contact you to ask for further information or to provide you with feedback. Your personal information will be properly safeguarded and processed in accordance with the requirements of privacy and data protection legislation. To find out more about how TfL handles personal data, see our Privacy and cookies pages.