Lost property

Services covered

We collect and store property found on the following services:

  • London Buses
  • London Underground
  • Docklands Light Railway
  • London Overground
  • TfL Rail
  • Black cabs (taxis)
  • Emirates Air Line
  • Victoria Coach Station

All enquiries for lost property should be made using our online lost property enquiry form.

Before you enquire


If you have lost something on a bus in the past two days, please contact the operator first to check whether the item has been found and is being held ready for collection at their garage.

Credit and debit cards

We do not take enquiries for bank cards and may immediately destroy any that are found on their own or inside other property. In line with police and banking industry guidelines, you should contact your financial institution as soon as possible to report and disable your lost credit or debit cards.

Mobile phones

To report a lost mobile phone, you will need to provide either the IMEI or SIM card numbers before we can search our system. These are not the same as the telephone number and can be obtained from the phone's original packaging, your online account (Apple iTunes / Google Dashboard) or from your network provider.

Oyster cards and photocards

We do not take enquiries for individual Oyster cards or photocards. Please see the following information on how to replace your lost card:   

  • Registered Oyster cards - apply online: https://oyster.tfl.gov.uk
  • Oyster photocards - apply online https://photocard.tfl.gov.uk
  • Bus and Tram Discount photocard - apply for a new card at a post office in London
  • Jobcentre Plus Discount photocard - contact your local Jobcentre Plus office

Making an enquiry about lost items

All enquiries about lost property should be made using our online lost property enquiry form.

Please provide a detailed description of the property, being sure to note any unique attributes or identifying features. The date of loss and details of your journey will help us narrow down the search.

We are only able to search for items once they have been collected from stations and garages and catalogued on our system. This may take up to seven working days on average.

If we believe that we have found a match for your items or require further information, we will contact you to let you know. Due to the large number of enquiries received, we ask that you do not contact the office unless we have notified you that your property has been found.

Collecting property

We keep items for a maximum of three months from the date of loss. Money (except for that found in Black Cabs) can be claimed up to 12 months from the date of loss.

Once we have confirmed that we have found and catalogued your property, it may be collected from our offices at Baker Street. Please note that items received from stations and garages may not be immediately available for collection, so check before you travel. We can also send your items by courier at additional cost.

We charge a fee to help cover the cost of collecting and storing your property and will require valid identification before we release goods for collection or delivery. If you would like someone else to collect the property on your behalf, you will need to provide a signed letter or email of authorisation for them to do so. We will reconfirm these details for you when validating your claim.

Property found in taxis is subject to an additional fee based on the value of the item. This award is given directly to the driver in recognition of their actions.

Unclaimed items

Items not matched to an enquiry or claimed within three months from the date of loss become the property of Transport for London. We will remove and securely destroy any personal data before either donating the items to charities including The Salvation Army, The British Red Cross, and Scope, or recycling, disposing of, or selling them.

Any revenue generated from unclaimed items contributes towards the cost of running the Lost Property Office.

Contact details and opening hours  

Address: Lost Property Office, 200 Baker Street, London NW1 5RZ
Opening hours: 08:30 - 16:00 Monday to Friday (excluding Bank Holidays)
Phone: If we have informed you that we may have found your property, you can call us on 0343 222 1234* to verify your claim
Email: For general enquiries about the Lost Property Office, contact us at lpo@tfl.gov.uk. Please note that we do not process enquiries for lost property by email. Use our online form to report any items you have lost.

Property lost on other services


Contact the boat operator.


Email: river@tfl.gov.uk


Phone: 020 8681 8300* (09:00-17:00 Monday to Friday)


We do not receive items that have been lost on National Rail services, licensed mini-cabs, coaches, tour buses or at airports. Please contact the relevant service operator to make an enquiry.

*Find out about TfL call charges.

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