TfL Citizens

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Starting secondary school or changing schools can be both exciting and nerve-wracking for young people.

A big change for many of them is the way they travel to school. It often marks the first time they start to travel without their parent or guardian.

TfL Citizens teaches young people the tools for safe and responsible travel on public transport. That includes journey planning tips and the benefits of active travel.

Secondary children attending a TfL Citizens session

How does it work?

The interactive learning session is done either at primary school or at a borough-wide event called Junior Citizenship.

The sessions are led by an experienced school liaison officer. They may be accompanied by members of local Metropolitan Police Service Safer Transport teams. Each session is offered to audiences of up to 300 students.

Sessions are adapted to ensure the best learning experience for each audience. The lesson plans support sessions in class, before and after a visit from the team.

Presentations and resources are designed to support the Personal, Social, Health, Citizenship and Economic (PSHCE) curriculum.

How to get involved

Get in touch with your primary school to check if they are signed up.

Or visit the official TfL Travel for Life website for more information about learn-at-home resources.