TfL Travel for Life school programme

From helping little Londoners be safe around roads, to supporting primary and secondary children to become more active, responsible and safe.

What is TfL Travel for Life?

TfL Travel for Life is a free accreditation programme that offers a series of free educational programmes (from ages 3 to 17) to schools and education settings across London.

Our commitment

The goal is to increase active and sustainable travel options when travelling to and from school, reduce car use and improve safety.

We work in partnership with the London Transport Museum and London boroughs.


We award a gold, silver or bronze accreditation based on the number of activities a school or education setting has completed.

TfL Travel for Life accreditations image

In all activities, schools aim to:

  • Reduce congestion
  • Improve road safety
  • Improve health and wellbeing

There are 3 levels of TfL Travel for Life accreditation: gold, silver and bronze.

The level a school achieves depends on:

  • How successful they have been in reducing car use and increasing sustainable travel
  • How many travel activities they complete

Our programmes

TfL Discoverers (formerly known as Road Safety Club)

Helping little Londoners be safe around roads.

TfL Explorers (formerly known as STARS Primary)

Inspiring primary-aged children to travel actively, responsibly and safely.

TfL Citizens (formerly known as Safety and Citizenship)

Preparing Year 6 children for safe, considerate and independent travel to secondary school.

TfL Pioneers (formerly known as STARS Secondary)

Empowering secondary-aged children to be advocates for active, responsible and safe travel.

TfL Navigators (formerly known as Travel Smart)

Guiding young people to become risk-aware, safe and considerate drivers.

Visit the official TfL Travel for Life website for more information.