Inspire Engineering

Pupils participating in a hands-on Inspire Engineering challenge Pupils participating in a hands-on engineering challenge

Engineers and planners are essential to TfL but we face potential shortages of people with these specialist skills, particularly in Highways, Rail and Transport Planning.

London Transport Museum (LTM), in partnership with TfL, has developed the Inspire Engineering programme to engage young people with engineering and reduce the skills gap facing the transport industry. Thanks to support from the Luke Rees-Pulley Charitable Trust and TfL, Inspire Engineering is building successful links between schools and real-life engineering.

Engineering Ambassadors

The Inspire Engineering programme is made possible by Engineering Ambassadors. Ambassadors are real TfL engineers and planners, who volunteer their time, expertise and enthusiasm to inspire and inform young people about engineering as a potential career with great prospects.

This is particularly relevant to Key Stage 3 students (11-14 years old), to help them make informed GCSE choices. London Transport Museum also offers hands-on Inspire Engineering sessions to primary schools to get a real insight into engineering from a young age.

London Transport Museum works with STEMNET (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths Network) to coordinate the Engineering Ambassadors activity within TfL. The Engineering Ambassadors help deliver Inspire Engineering school sessions with London Transport Museum (see below) and also support broader STEMNET activities.

Inspire Engineering - options for schools

LTM's Inspire Engineering programme offers exciting, hands-on museum sessions for Key Stage 3 pupils (ages 11-14) as well as Key Stage 2 (ages 7-11):

  • The Inspire Engineering Day at LTM Depot lets Key Stage 3 students explore behind the scenes of the LTM Depot in Acton, getting up close to engineering wonders, meeting TfL Engineering Ambassadors and tackling hands-on engineering challenges. Over 90% of students and teachers rate the day as 'Excellent', and it is also CREST accredited by the British Science Association
  • The Primary Inspire Engineering session is held weekly at LTM in Covent Garden and gives Key Stage 2 pupils an opportunity to become problem-solvers and build understanding of the difference engineering makes to everybody's lives
  • We also offer Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3 outreach workshops, supported by Engineering Ambassadors, which can be delivered at schools. Workshops introduce engineering and engage pupils in completing an engineering challenge linked to TfL transport. We offer three primary outreach workshops and two secondary workshops

For more information and to book an outreach workshop, please email To book the museum-based sessions please follow the links above.