Pop ups, pitches & more

Millions of passengers use our network each day, so pitching your business at one of our prime spaces could be just the start you're looking for.

By opening up our station spaces to pop ups and street pitches, we're giving small businesses a chance to test their ideas in a physical space, and to boost their exposure. 

Get in touch with us at businessdevelopment@tfl.gov.uk to discuss your ideas and see how we can support you to take the next step for your business.

Pop ups

We offer great pop up opportunities, allowing you to test your ideas in a physical space and boost your exposure. Our spaces range from traditional retail units dedicated to pop ups to converted broom cupboards and toilets.

press pop up

Case study

Success at Old Street

A broom cupboard in Old Street Tube station may not be the first place you'd expect a start-up to take their first steps to becoming a thriving, independent business.

However, by creating unique retail spaces, we're giving businesses the chance to open successfully in busy stations.

Press London has been able to continue their success from Old Street by opening with us at St Paul's Tube station.

Carts, kiosks and street pitches

With plenty of footfall going through and past our stations - and many of our stations being in prime employment areas - our street space outside the stations offers fantastic locations for retail carts, kiosks and mobile vendors.

Find out more about launching your idea with our partner Street Dots.

Cashpoints and vending

Cashpoints and vending units offer our customers convenient access to services within our stations. We currently have partners for our cashpoints, photo printing and cold drinks vending, but we're still keen to receive and review new proposals to operate within the station environment.

If you have a suitable proposal please email us the details.

Anything else?

If you have another idea, we'd love for you to email us your business proposal.