Land enquiries

We are one of London's largest landowners, with a wide range of space across the capital. You can ask about buying or leasing land from us.

Our land is used to keep London moving, working and growing - but we do consider applications to buy or lease land from us.

We will first check to see if the land you're interested is currently used or may be needed in the future to help us run our services.

If you want to enquire about land we own, email

Your enquiry must include:

  • Address of the land, including postcode
  • Borough
  • Description of proposed use of land
  • Ownership status - you can get this by using the TfL Property Asset Register as well as any associated Land Registry documents
  • Plan showing area of interest marked
  • Any other supporting information including images of the land

We expect that a typical sale - including checks, valuation of the property and legal transfer - will take a minimum of six months to complete.