Property services

We own a 5,700 acre estate across London. Our estate ranges from London Underground (LU) assets to stretches of highway and commercial properties - land that is used to keep London moving, working and growing. 

Our Property services team can help if your development plans or property purchase is affected by our land and infrastructure.

Our land interests across London - and the transport modes we are responsible for - are so diverse that other landowners and developers can come into contact with our property in several ways.

For help navigating the relationship, email

Buying property next to ours 

To find out if your property is or will be affected by any of our existing or proposed railway and highway transport schemes scheme, go to our Conveyancing searches page.

Buying our land 

Most of our land is currently used for transport operations - however, on occasion we sell land to external parties when we no longer need to use it. 

Information on our landholdings is on the TfL Property Asset Register.

Find out about buying our land on the Land enquiries page.

Developing around our land 

We may need to work with you on your project if your works are near any of our structures or property. 

We'll need to review your proposals in detail if they involve:

  • Working on or near our property
  • Altering any of our assets (including changes to loading) or
  • Pose a risk to the LU transport network - this could include redevelopment of your property over our deep Tube network or next to a station

Find out more about the kinds of development support we can offer in the Urban planning and construction section.

Modifying your home or property

If you are a neighbour with a project on or near TfL land, our Outside Party engineers may need to be involved. This could include extensions or private property maintenance such as tree surgery near our tracks. 

We will review your proposals, provide guidance on design, construction and LU requirements, and advise on risk to and from the railway. We can also arrange access to LU property and organise protection if needed.