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We work in partnership with our property customers and we want to add value and grow together. Our success only comes when our customers thrive and it is our vision for our property estate to support the economy, our local communities and our great city. Browse through our website to learn more about how we work and get in touch if you have a business and need a new space to call home

Working in partnership with our property customers

We work in partnership with our customers. We get to know them to understand the support and services they need. That way, we'll grow together. We will create the best places around London, ensuring our local communities thrive. 

Our partnership approach is based on:

  • Making our business terms fair so we are transparent in how we grow together.
  • Encouraging your business and explaining how to work on our estate.
  • Investing more in our estate, including improving our impact on the planet and our communities.
  • Being more innovative and making things easier with better service.
  • Getting to know you better and ensuring your voice is heard in our decisions.

95 per cent of our property customers are small to medium sized businesses (SMEs). We know SMEs contribute massively to their local communities and London's economy so we are committed to providing the right support and environment to help them grow.

Case study: Supporting our customers and communities through the coronavirus pandemic

We worked hard to give our property customers the support that they needed to meet the challenge of the coronavirus pandemic. We were the first major landlord to announce that we would not charge our small business customers any rent for the March 2020 rent quarter and our support continued through the pandemic.

We are amazed by the resilience of our property customers and the ways in which they help each other and their local communities.

The nature of the pandemic and the inherent uncertainty caused meant that our support for our commercial property customers was, at first, announced in three-month stages. We were then able to look further ahead, to support their recovery and business planning.

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