Commercial tenants

Our team

We have a dedicated team responsible for the day-to-day management of our commercial properties.

When you become one of our tenants, we will send you a welcome pack and introduce you to your dedicated property manager.

If your property is at one of our stations, you will also meet the station staff, particularly the station manager and supervisor, as you will be signing in and out through them.

Your property manager

All our customers has a dedicated property manager. Your property manager is your day-to-day point of contact.

Station team

If your property is at one of our stations, our station staff can help with queries about that station. You'll see them on a day-to-day basis and they should be the first people you approach for help about issues to do with the station.


Security is a top priority and as one of our tenants you play a key role in keeping London safe. Report anything suspicious to a member of TfL staff or contact the British Transport Police (call 0800 40 50 40 or text 61016). In an emergency, you must always call 999.

See more on our guidance and policies page.

Property guidance

Paying your rent

When you start with us your surveyor will explain what you need pay us for the occupation of your premises - your rent. This is invoiced every quarter. We recommend that you pay by direct debit so you don't need to remember when to pay could also help to reduce your bank charges.

Depending on your property, you may also be charged service charges, insurance or other costs, such as utilities, linked to running your property. Separately you are responsible for paying business rates to the local authority for your property. See an introduction to business rates.

Fitting out your property

We're here to help you to keep your property safe and to provide a customer-friendly experience through maintenance and fit-outs. Your designated property surveyor can give you guidance on maintaining your property.

More about property fit-outs and health and safety is on our guidance and policies page.


Support partners

We follow guidance from the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) in managing our properties. Their codes of practice were designed to improve the leasing relationship between tenant customers and landlords. For professional assistance with any leasing or property matters, find out more on the RICS website.

We also work alongside other bodies that can help you run your business. These include:

Growing with us

  • Finding space: We can help you find space across London as your business expands or changes. Speak to us to find out more at
  • Advertising: Millions of passenger journeys take place across our network every day. Our media partners can help you reach this audience, from posters at your local station to London-wide marketing campaigns. Find out about advertising your business on the Commercial media page

Residential tenants

We approach the care of residential tenants in a way that suits you and will help make sure you're happy in your home. This includes a dedicated helpdesk, available by phone 24 hours a day, and information on guidelines and regulations specific to residential properties. Find out more on our residential tenants page.


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