Residential tenants

residential buildings

Contacting us

We understand how frustrating it can be if something is wrong with your home. So we have a dedicated helpdesk, available 24 hours a day.

Telephone: 020 3054 6689 (monitored 24 hours a day)

Email: (monitored 08:00-18:00 Monday to Friday only (not monitored on public holidays))

Need a repair? Find out about residential repairs.

Paying your rent

When you start with us your surveyor will explain what rent you need to pay us - this is invoiced monthly. Paying by direct debit means you pay on time and your bank charges may be reduced.

In most cases, you'll be responsible for paying council tax, electricity, gas, water and insurance directly to the supplier.

Your deposit

The deposit we ask for will be safely secured with an authorised deposit protection scheme. We will return your deposit once you've left, providing you have kept to the terms of your agreement.

Any disputes about the refund of your deposit will be managed by the deposit protection service which acts as an independent body. The property manager will give you details of the scheme.

Health and safety

Regular checks completed by us

To make sure you and your property are safe, we do annual checks on your property. From time to time, we'll ask to view your property to ensure that it's in good condition. We'll give you at least 24-hours notice to get access to premises.

Fire safety in your property

You can help to ensure that you keep safe by:

  • Reviewing the escape routes from your property to make sure they are unobstructed and unlocked. If this includes a shared area, please check that all fire doors and/or security gates fitted are unlocked
  • Checking that any materials, goods or other obstructions in exit routes that could slow up your escape are removed

Other support

We're available to support you so don't hesitate to contact your property surveyor if you need any other information. Full details of the service we provide is in your welcome pack.

If you want professional advice about any aspect of your tenancy, please contact Citizens Advice.

We also have useful guidance documents on repairs and Legionnaires' disease.

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