We are committed to publishing more information to reduce the need for the public to make bespoke FOI requests. Here are the headline performance figures. 

FOI requests since 2010/11

This spreadsheet provides a breakdown of the volume of information requests and the proportion answered within statutory deadlines.

The most common reason for refusing a request is that the information is already published, but requests may also be refused if the cost of responding is too high or the request is vexatious. Some information might be withheld from a response to protect personal data, commercial confidentiality, public safety or the environment.

Year Number of requests Percentage answered on time
2017/18 3201 91.6%
2016/17 2616 80.7%
2015/16 2582 85.4%
2014/15 2218 87.0%
2013/14    2648 87.3%
2012/13 2345 85.5%
2011/12 2509 85%
2010/11 2008 77.8%