The Night Tube

Current services

Night Tube runs on Friday and Saturday nights on the Central, Jubilee, Northern, Piccadilly and Victoria lines.


Night Tube fares are off-peak. Day Travelcards are valid on the day of issue (using the date printed on the card), and for journeys starting before 04:30 the following day.

For example, if you buy a Day Travelcard at 11:00 on Friday, you can use it until 04:29 on the following Saturday. Daily capping on Oyster cards and contactless payment cards also applies.


Step-free access at Night Tube stations is the same as during the day service.

Staffing policy

All stations will continue to be staffed by London Underground employees while train services are running, just as we do in the day. Staff will be visible and available to help you with any queries.


All stations continue to be staffed by London Underground employees while train services are running, just as we do in the day.

We are also working hard with our policing partners to ensure the Tube network remains a safe, low crime environment.

If you witness an incident, the British Transport Police can be contacted by texting 61016 or calling 0800 40 50 40.

In an emergency you should call 999. You can also use passenger alarms and help points to alert station staff in an emergency.

Taxi ranks at Night Tube stations

The map shows which of the current Night Tube stations have taxi ranks running.

Noise and disturbance

We're sensitive to the potential of additional noise and disturbance created by the Night Tube. Since 2014, we've been working hard to reduce noise from our tracks, and we will continue to work with residents to investigate any issues in this area. We'll also ensure that any station announcements do not cause excessive noise levels.

We'll still do upgrade and maintenance work - overnight between Sunday and Thursday on the Night Tube lines when possible.

Night buses

We also have an extensive network of night buses to and from Night Tube stations. Night bus maps are available for all routes - enter the route or area you are interested in to see where night services are available.

Benefits of the Night Tube

The Night Tube cuts night-time journeys by an average of 20 minutes, with some cut by more than an hour. It will also play a vital role in opening up London's night-time economy.