LEZ road signs


Inside the Zone

There are signs within the zone to remind you that there are cameras operating.


Advance directional signs

On the approach to the boundary, directional signs show which routes take you into the LEZ and which don't. 


Additional advance signs

Advance information signs appear on major roads, indicating the distance to the boundary.


Boundary signs

Signs are at every boundary point telling you when you're entering the zone.

How the LEZ works

There are no barriers or toll booths within the LEZ. Instead, cameras will read your number plate as you drive within the LEZ and check it against our database of registered vehicles.

This database is compiled using information from the DVLA and the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA), generic vehicle weight data typical of the make and model, and drivers and operators who have registered with us.

This tells us automatically whether your vehicle meets the LEZ emissions standards, is exempt, is registered for a discount, or if you've already paid the daily charge.

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