Before you start

Before you apply for the 9+ seater discount, you need to set up a London Road User Charging account. (Sign in now if you already have an account.)

To create an account, click on 'Continue' and complete all required fields. You can also set up optional services, such as mobile phone text alerts, to help you manage your discount.

Applying for your 9+ seater discount

Once your London Road User Charging account has been created and you sign in, you will be directed automatically to complete your discount application.

You will need to upload an image of:

  • V5C (logbook) or foreign equivalent

and, to prove that the vehicle has 9 or more seats, an image of ONE:

  • Vehicle's MOT certificate
  • Vehicle's CIF or COIF (Certificate of Initial Fitness Certificate)
  • Your insurance document
  • Another proof that shows the number of seats