Access DLR

Pre-booked assistance

Access DLR is available 7 days a week, 07:00-19:00.

Assistance at DLR stations must be pre-booked, either online by visiting or by phone 0808 281 6655 (Freefone). We recommend booking this service ahead of time.

If you want to book assistance within two hours of your travel time, please call us so we can check if staff are available.

How to book

Bookings are available in 30-minute time slots for one-way travel. Only the first half of each hour is available for bookings - this gives staff enough time to travel to their next appointment. If you need longer than 30 minutes you can book 2 consecutive time slots. Remember to also book your return journey if needed.

If the service is fully booked and your request cannot be accommodated, staff will tell you the next available time slot.

At the station

At the time of your booking, Access DLR staff in pink vests will meet you at your chosen meeting point. They can help you with various needs including (but not limited to):

  • Boarding and alighting
  • Luggage assistance - up to 10kg of handheld luggage or 23kg luggage on wheels (there may be limitations if you need a staff member to also push a wheelchair)
  • Transferring to other public transport lines
  • Help finding a seat
  • Assistance relating to mobility, sight or non-visible impairments

If you prefer personal space during the trip, let them know when booking or directly.

Our staff won't escort you on board other public transport operators, but they will support you to the gates of another TfL or National Rail station or to the nearest bus stop outside the station. When planning your journey, please check the options available for assistance across other transport modes.

The service is free to use and no proof of disability is required to use it. However, please ensure that you are travelling with a valid ticket or Oyster card.

Access DLR trial

Access DLR is initially being run as a trial until November 2024. We'll decide then whether to make the service permanent or extend the trial.

Every station on the DLR has step-free access, plus there is a staff member onboard every train and a passenger alarm on every platform which you can use to speak to our staff.