Cycle parking

At stations

There are over 20,000 cycle parking spaces at stations across London. Many free spaces are near the entrance or in our station car parks.

You can also use Cycle Hubs which provide secure and covered spaces near stations:

There's also cycle parking at National Rail stations.

On streets

There are almost 150,000 on-street cycle parking spaces across London.

Off streets

Some authorities in London provide secure cycle parking in their car parks. This includes the City of London which has free, 24-hour cycle parking in five car parks it owns.

Near your home

You can use a cycle hangar - a safe, covered place to park your cycle. There are over 7,200 spaces across 25 London boroughs.

If you'd like a cycle hangar near your home, you can apply for one through your local council.

Woman putting her bike into a Cyclehangar on a residential street.

Protect your cycle

To keep your cycle safe, you should register it with BikeRegister or Immobilise.

If your cycle is stolen, you need to report a cycle crime.

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