Victoria Coach Station facilities

Left luggage

The Left Luggage office is a luggage storage facility located opposite the Ticket Office, it offers passengers safe and secure, long or short-term storage for luggage and personal items. The service is ideal for relieving you of your bulky and heavy items whilst you explore London or wait for your coach. Please note, items cannot be collected without the original receipt ticket received at the time of deposit.

Opening hours

The left luggage office is open:

  • Friday to Wednesday 8:00-22:00
  • Thursday 08:00-20:00

Security notice

All items of left luggage will be examined using detection equipment - you may be asked to open your bag for physical inspection. If you refuse, your luggage will not be accepted and the police will be notified.

Left luggage tariffs

These charges are per item:

Time Rate
0-1 hours £2.00
1-3 hours £5.00
3-6 hours £7.50
6-24 hours £10.00


An additional charge of £6 will be made for each 24-hour period.

Toilets and baby change

Toilets can be found:

  • By Gate 2 in Departures (via stairs to basement level)
  • By Gate 12 in Departures (at ground level)
  • In Arrivals (unisex toilets, at ground level)

Accessible toilets

Easy-access toilets for people with impaired mobility can be found:

  • In Arrivals
  • Inside the Mobility Lounge, opposite Gate 0 in Departures

If you don't carry a Royal Association for Disability and Rehabilitation (Radar) key, please ask the attendant in Arrivals or inside the Mobility Lounge.

Baby changing rooms

Baby changing rooms, for both mums and dads, are:

  • Next to the toilets in Arrivals
  • Next to the toilets by gates 2 and 12 in Departures


Refreshment facilities are available throughout the Departures and Arrivals terminals. Shops include:

  • Sweet Express - in Arrivals
  • V&M Mobile Store - in Arrivals
  • Il Corriere - in Arrivals
  • Greggs - opposite Gate 1
  • Pret A Manger - opposite Gates 3 and 4
  • Treats - by Gate 12
  • Starbucks - opposite Gate 11

Luggage porters

If you're arriving at Victoria Coach Station (VCS) by coach, porters will be available in Arrivals. Our porters can help you get to:

  • Departures
  • Victoria rail and Tube stations
  • The Green Line coach terminal

If you're departing from VCS by coach and need the assistance of a porter, either speak to a uniformed member of staff or visit the Mobility Lounge by Gate 0 in Departures.

All licensed luggage porters at the station are self-employed and rely on your generosity for their income. A payment for their services will be expected.

Pay phones

There are public payphones at the Departures entrance.


Cash machines

Cash machines inside Victoria Coach Station are currently out of service, please refer to the Cash Machine outside Victoria Coach Station at Sainsbury's Local, 14-20 Elizabeth St., London SW1W 9RB.

Checking in

UK travel

If you're travelling within the UK, arrive at least 30 minutes before your bus is due to leave. This allows time to check the monitors for gate information.

Travelling to the Continent

If you're travelling to Ireland or Continental Europe, arrive one hour before you're due to leave and check the monitors for gate information. You may need to check in before departure.