Filming & photography on the roads

We are the Highway Authority for London's red routes. You need to get permission from us before you start to film or photograph on our network.

This is true for everyone, no matter what subject is being filmed, the equipment being used, or size of crew.

Check your location

Use the map below to find out if we are the authority for the road you want to film or photograph on.

All red routes are marked on the map. All other roads are managed by the local borough - you need to contact them directly for the permission you need.

Application fees

Shoot details
Small Cast and crew of up to 5 people
Medium Cast and crew of 6-25 people
Cast and crew of 26+
3+ locations
(+£450 for every additional location)
Additional changes
Any changes to applications will incur a supplementary fee, for example for dates, equipment, location changes
With TfL representatives
£150 per meeting