2023 Bus Safety Innovation Challenge

Project Objectives

This project is looking to identify and trial innovative and novel ways of helping reduce bus occupant injuries. TfL's Bus Safety Development and Open Innovation team's working with London Bus Operators are looking to support the trial of innovative solutions that help address the following problem statement: 

How might we reduce the number of bus passenger injuries from slips, trips, and falls? 

Problem Statement Pack

Innovation Challenge Description and Funding

Successful Innovators will be working with a London Bus Operator to design and deliver a proof-of-concept trial. Trials will enable Innovators to refine their solution and prove its efficacy in the real world. TfL will via operators provide seed funding for these trials. More detail can be found in the application guidance and process map that must be read before applying for this challenge: 

We are keen to see a range of solutions, this could include off the shelf solutions, new innovations that have not yet been deployed in the real world, or technologies that might require material changes to buses. TfL is looking for solutions that if demonstrate a positive impact during a trial can be scaled and implemented across London buses. 

This opportunity will be open for an extended period and will close if one of the following criteria are met: 

  • The available funding for the innovation challenge has been exhausted 

  • A suitable number of innovations have been identified and TfL/London Bus Operators are satisfied with the responses being taken through to trial 

  • Reaches application deadline of 12:00pm (midday) 15th December 2023 

How to apply

If you are interested in applying, please complete a short questionnaire which can be found at the link below: 

2023 Bus Safety Innovation Challenge - Innovation Questionnaire

Contact Us

If you need any other information or have any questions, email us at InnovationFunding@tfl.gov.uk.