Applying for a tenancy

Applying for a property

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To find out more about a property, contact the relevant agent listed in the property details. If you don't know which property you're interested in and want to discuss what property would suit your business most, email us at

We will need to make sure you are prepared by checking your credit and your business plan. We will explain everything we need from you and how we work with our customers as part of the process of finding you the right space.

A key consideration is making sure you are financially prepared as a business. We cannot help you with everything and we have created a calculator to help you work out your set up costs. We advise you seek help from organisations like the London Business Hub

Considering your application

We openly market our properties to create opportunities for as many businesses as possible. When we receive more than one offer for a property, we will consider applications on factors including level of rent and suitability in the local area. Some properties also only allow certain uses.

Permitted property uses

The type of business you can run in one of our properties falls into different categories. We will consider a wide range of businesses and uses.

Conflicting use

We are unlikely to accept applications from similar retailers if there is an existing offering in the area, unless station footfall justifies multiple offers (applies more to retail units).

Our leases

Lease length

Our standard leases are for five years. These are negotiated on an individual basis depending on the type of property you've applied for. Your lease will specify what the premises may be used for and will also identify the extent of the property contained in the lease.

Lease type

All leases are excluded from the security of tenure and compensation provisions of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1954. This means that when your lease expires, your landlord is not obliged to grant you a new lease under the Act.


Rent is payable quarterly in advance by direct debit. The rental figure quoted includes rent for the landlord but doesn't include rates, outgoings (including utilities), taxes or service charge. The rental figure may include a turnover provision.

Rent reviews and lease renewals

We may carry out a rent review, in accordance with your lease, part way through your lease term. This allows us to consider changes in the market and set a fair rent, reflecting comparable rents paid locally.

Towards the end of your lease, we will discuss what happens when the lease runs out, including opportunities to renew your lease where appropriate and how this will be negotiated.