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Delays/cancellations to the Elizabeth, Central, District and Piccadilly lines and the E11 bus route between Castle Bar Park Station and Ealing Broadway Station

Request ID: FOI-3867-2324
Date published: 21 February 2024

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From July 17th 2023 to January 23rd 2024, I have experienced regular delays during my commute to and from work which has caused a number of issues. I am requesting information (reason, duration of the impact to service, areas affected, and date & time of resolution) on delays and cancellations on the following services to be used as evidence in a hearing at my job as a healthcare professional; - Elizabeth line from West Ealing or Ealing Broadway to Tottenham Court Road and the return from these stations - Central line from Greenford or Ealing Broadway to Holborn and the return from these stations - District line from Ealing Broadway to Acton Town and the return from these stations - Piccadilly lines from Acton Town to Russell Square and the return from these stations - E11 bus route between Castle Bar Park Station and Ealing Broadway Station - if possible, the delays on the GWR service running between Greenford and West Ealing I am also requesting insight into how long these issues are likely to continue. I understand there is a shortage of Central line trains and have seen the information in some of the requests made by others, but would like to be sure that I get a full explanation of the predicted resolution of these issues as it will likely cost me my job should this go on for much longer.

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TfL Ref: FOI-3867-2324

Thank you for your request received by Transport for London (TfL) on 25 January 2024 asking for information about delays and cancellations to the specified lines and E11 bus route.

Your request has been considered in accordance with the requirements of the Freedom of Information (FOI) Act and our information access policy. I can confirm that we hold some of the information you require.
Please see the requested information attached for the Elizabeth, Central, District and Piccadilly lines.

For the Elizabeth Line, please note:

TCR Delays – EB – represents the eastbound trains that have seen delays at Tottenham Court Road.
EAL Delays – WB – represents the westbound trains that have seen delays at Ealing Broadway.

For the E11 bus route, in period 7 and period 9 of 2023, buses covering this route were experiencing delays of up to 15 minutes during morning peak times due to issues with traffic light phasing at Greenford Broadway. In addition, this route, is at times, diverted at Copley Close due to parked cars which means buses do not serve Castle Bar Station.

The information you asked for regarding the Central Line is available on our website using the following link:

In accordance with section 21 of the FOI Act, we are not obliged to supply you with a copy of the requested information as it is already accessible to you elsewhere.

If this is not the information you are looking for, or if you are unable to access it for any reason, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Please see the attached information sheet for details of your right to appeal as well as information on copyright and what to do if you would like to re-use any of the information we have disclosed.

Yours sincerely,

Mary Abidakun
FOI Case Officer
FOI Case Management Team
General Counsel
Transport for London


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