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Elizabeth Line Incident

Request ID: FOI-3136-2324
Date published: 22 December 2023

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Regarding the failure of the Elizabeth Line service during morning rush hours November 30th. Please could you provide the following information. The time the incident began. The exact nature of the incident What actions were taken to resolve the incident. What time was the incident cleared from the system and normal service resumed. The incident of interest, was the one that crippled the eastbound service during the morning rush hour between 7am and 10am, on November 30th.

We answered

Our Ref:         FOI-3136-2324

Thank you for your request received on 1 December 2023 asking for information about an incident on the Elizabeth line on the morning of Friday 30 November.

Your request has been considered in accordance with the requirements of the Freedom of Information (FOI) Act and our information access policy. I can confirm that we do hold the information you require. You asked:

•           The time the incident began

The incident began around 07:54 hours.

•           The exact nature of the incident

The train involved, 9U45, experienced a technical issue with a blank screen on the computer in the driver’s cab. As this occurred at Paddington, in which the train uses digital signalling known as Computer Based Train Control (CBTC), the train could not continue until this issue was resolved.

•           What actions were taken to resolve the incident.

Firstly, the driver contacted Alstom who maintain the train and have dedicated staff available to support drivers with technical issues 24 hours a day. The driver then completed a reset of the system, unfortunately this was unsuccessful and the blank screen continued. At this point Alstom advised to carry out a full train reboot, this took some time but did resolve the issue but by this point a secondary issue had arisen with the platform screen doors at Paddington which resulted in further delay. The train involved, 9U45, eventually moved forward at 08:40.

•           What time was the incident cleared from the system and normal service resumed.

The incident was cleared at 08:40 once the train was able to successfully depart Paddington. Due to the length of time the train was at a stand, over 40 minutes, a number of trains in rear had been delayed as well. The service continued as soon as possible, we apologise for any disruption caused.

If this is not the information you are looking for please do not hesitate to contact me.

Please see the attached information sheet for details of your right to appeal.

Yours sincerely

Gemma Jacob
Senior FOI Case Officer
FOI Case Management Team
General Counsel
Transport for London

[email protected]

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