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Request ID: FOI-2599-2021
Date published: 15 April 2021

You asked

F/on from FOI-2502 Thanks for getting back to me. That's perfect, but can I see if you're able to add a column advising whether the charge is for a speed offense or weight/height violation? I only ask because there are some vehicles, like the Fiat 500 pop that are nowhere near the weight limit, so can only assume it was for speeding - so it'd be good to know.

We answered

TfL does not issues penalties for speeding offences – these can only be issued by the police. Therefore, none of the Penalty Charge Notices (PCNs) referred to in our previous response were for speeding, all are for breaching the weight restriction. This said, whilst the DVLA do provide the vehicle make and model if held, this can be incorrectly recorded, for example and not limited to manual recording errors at first registration by the dealer or a failure of the registered keeper to identify and correct the recorded vehicle information recorded at the DVLA. Therefore it can happen that a compliant vehicle is issued with a PCN. If this happens, the Registered Keeper can make a representation to us and provide evidence of compliance, at which point we would cancel the PCN. Kind regards Graham Hurt FOI Case Officer FOI Case Management Team General Counsel Transport for London

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