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Bus accident on Westminster Bridge 22/3/2017

Request ID: FOI-0655-1718
Date published: 07 July 2017

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During the Westminster Bridge terror attack on 22/3/2017 a double decker bus seems to have been involved in an accident where an individual appears to have been run over by it - as depicted by a body (looks to be female) under the rear nearside wheels of the bus in widely available photos on the internet. To date i have seen no account of the details of this accident in the media. Could you please forward me an account of this accident with the following details: time of the accident; driver's account of what happened; any other accounts of the accident you have on record by passers by/emergency services/police; the name of the victim and whether they died or not - if they survived, then an account of the accident from their perspective; the cctv footage from all the cameras on the bus showing at least 10 seconds before and after the accident.

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TfL Ref: FOI-0655-1718


Thank you for your request received by Transport for London (TfL) on 10 June 2017 asking for information about an incident on Westminster Bridge.


Your request has been considered in accordance with the requirements of the Freedom of Information Act and our information access policy.


In accordance with the FOI Act, we would not be obliged to supply the information referred to in your request as any information we hold on this incident is subject to a statutory exemption to the right of access to information under section 31, which relates to information whose disclosure would be likely to prejudice the exercise by any public authority of its functions for any of the purposes listed in subsection 31 of the FOI Act.


This exemption would apply as this information would only be retained as part of an ongoing police investigation into the events that took place in the area on that day. Disclosure of such information has the potential to prejudice the administration of justice by influencing decision making outside of this formal process.


The use of this exemption is subject to an assessment of the public interest in relation to the disclosure of the information concerned. While there is a public interest in openness and in being able to assess TfL’s performance of its public functions, in this instance there is a greater public interest in ensuring we are able to support the administration of justice where applicable.


Additionally, please note that CCTV on board buses is managed and processed by the individual bus operating companies and so we do not hold this information.


Please see the attached information sheet for details of your right to appeal.


Yours sincerely


Lee Hill

Senior FOI Case Officer


FOI Case Management Team

General Counsel

Transport for London

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