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Request ID: FOI-0334-1920
Date published: 09 May 2019

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Can you please provide a breakdown of the last 12 months FOI requests. Along with the time it has taken for TfL to respond to each case and explain the reasons behind each failure to respond as stated in the best practice TfL guidelines.

We answered

FOI Request (FOI-0334-1920)

Thank you for your letter received by Transport for London (TfL) on 25 April 2019 asking for information about our response rate to Freedom of Information (FOI) requests.

Your request has been considered in accordance with the requirements of the Freedom of Information Act and our information access policy. I can confirm we do hold the information you require.

We responded to 95.7% (2898/3027) of FOI requests received in 2018/19 on time. The 4.3% of cases that were not responded to on time were delayed for a number of reasons including delays in receiving the requested information from the relevant business area, time needed to review the response, and additional information needing to be obtained to fully answer the request. The median value is 9 days overdue for cases that have passed their deadline.

If this is not the information you are looking for please feel free to contact me.

Please see the enclosed information sheet for details of your right to appeal.

Yours sincerely


Gemma Jacob
FOI Case Officer
[email protected] 

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