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Pay per mile scheme

Request ID: FOI-0113-2324
Date published: 09 May 2023

You asked

Could you please let me know if and when there are any future plans to introduce a new pay per mile scheme for drivers in London

We answered

TfL Ref: 0113-2324

Thank you for your request received by Transport for London (TfL) on 11 April 2023 asking for information about a new pay per mile scheme for drivers in London.

Your request has been considered in accordance with the requirements of the Freedom of Information Act and our information access policy.  I can confirm that we hold the information you require. You asked:

if and when there are any future plans to introduce a new pay per mile scheme for drivers in London

We can advise that TfL recently sought the public’s views on how to shape the future of road user charging. You may want to refer to the Mayoral Decision and consultation report, which is appended to it that sets out the findings of the consultation. They can be found using the following link, specifically section 1.6 under Introduction and Background, and appendix 2. Please note that any proposed changes to an existing road user charging scheme or the introduction of a new scheme would be subject to consultation: Section 1.6 is below for ease:

1.6.    The consultation also asked for people’s views to help shape the future of road user charging (“Future RUC”), which could include replacing existing charges with a road user charging scheme that uses more sophisticated technology to make it as simple and fair as possible for customers. While experts have found that London will need a new kind of road user charging system by the end of the decade to achieve net zero carbon by 2030, the technology to implement such a scheme in a complex city like London is some years away. TfL did not consult on any specific future road user charging scheme at this stage. Any proposals which could be developed in the future would be subject to a further public and stakeholder consultation with information provided on detailed scheme proposals and their likely impacts. 

If this is not the information you are looking for, or if you are unable to access it for any reason, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Please see the attached information sheet for details of your right to appeal as well as information on copyright and what to do if you would like to re-use any of the information we have disclosed.

Yours sincerely

Jasmine Howard
FOI Case Officer
FOI Case Management Team
General Counsel
Transport for London

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