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Cycling grants

Request ID: FOI-0080-2122
Date published: 06 September 2021

You asked

In 2018 you funded a programme called “Cycling Grants London” which offered grants of up to £10,000 over 3 years to encourage london communities to cycle more. 1. Can you please state the total number of applications made and submitted to TfL seeking the grants? 2. How many of those applications were then awarded? 3. The total (£) value of those awarded grants? 4. Please release a breakdown by borough showing the total number of applications made. 5. Please release a breakdown by borough showing where the grants were awarded by TfL after application stage? 6. What KPIs where used to benchmark the success of any of those grants? 7. What were the terms of those grants? 8. Has TfL at any point in the past 6 years had any schemes that issue grants for any protected groups? 9. If yes, what are those schemes and how much was awarded and to which boroughs? 10. If no schemes for protected groups, why not?

We answered

TfL Ref: FOI-0080-2021, FOI-0187-2122, FOI-0231-2122 Thank you for your requests received by Transport for London (TfL) on 10 April, 28 April and 4 May 2021. You have now made a total of 7 FOI requests to TfL in a continuous period since 8 March 2021 up to and including the date of your most recent FOI request of 4 May 2021. Because of this, we are now applying an aggregate cost limit to the requests referenced above. Section 12 of the Freedom of Information Act 2000 exempts public authorities from the obligation to disclose the information requested, if the cost of doing so exceeds a threshold prescribed by the Secretary of State (which is set at £450 or 18 hours of work at £25 per hour under the Freedom of Information (Appropriate Limit and Fees) Regulations 2004.). These Regulations allow authorities to aggregate the costs of replying to requests for information where two or more requests are made by one person (or by different people who appear to be acting in concert) within a period of 60 working days, when the requests relate, to any extent, to the same or similar information. This means that Section 12 of the Act allows TfL to refuse a request for information when the aggregate cost of replying to such requests exceeds the threshold of 18 hours’ work. Without taking into account any processing time from your previous requests, we consider that to respond to the three current requests listed above would exceed 18 hours to locate, extract and collate the information. The information you have requested across your requests contain a significant number of questions (some of which relate to information over several years) and include requests for information that would require trawling through significant amount of correspondence to ascertain what, if any, information is held. To help bring the cost of responding to your request within the £450 limit, you may wish to consider narrowing its scope so that we can more easily locate, retrieve and extract the information you are seeking. As we are issuing a refusal notice in relation to the aggregated cost limit you may wish to revise your requests and prioritise which information you require within the 18 hour limit, ensuring your request is as specific as possible. We also suggest that, before submitting future requests, you consider which information is of the highest priority to ensure that the processing time available is spent on the information that is of most importance to you. Please also take into account the guidance and advice provided by the ICO such as the “dos and don’ts” published on its website here: which will help you ensure you are able to make the best use of the FOI Act. Further details on section 12 can be found at the following link: Please see the attached information sheet for details of your right to appeal. Yours sincerely Eva Hextall FOI Case Management Team General Counsel Transport for London

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