Internships and placements

Graduate at the Battersea Station

Stuart Ross Comms Internship

A diversity initiative targeted at people from under-represented groups

Engineering and Technology graduates

Engineering and Technology (YinI)

Gain professional development by working in our engineering and technology industry

Real Estate graduate

Planning and Development (YinI)

Build the city for everyone by making an entrance into a Real Estate career

Civil Engineer Year in Industries graduate

Civil Engineer (YinI)

Gain professional development by working in our civil engineering industry

Borough planning

Spatial Planning (YinI)

Shape life in London and work at the cutting edge between development and transport

Mechanical Engineering graduate

Mechanical Engineering (YinI)

Become a world-class mechanical engineer and help transform our network

Mechanical Engineering graduate

Mechanical Engineer Internship

Help shape our network through our 12-week summer internship

Civil Engineering Summer Internship graduate

Civil Engineer Summer Internship

Get first-hand insight into life as a civil engineer on our 10-week internship

Engineering and Technology summer intern

E&T Summer Internship

Work with specialist engineers on our 10-week summer internship