Our role

Virtually everyone who visits, lives or works in London will use one of our services and every one of those journeys matters to us.

We are here to keep London working and growing, and to make life in the capital better. But a rapidly growing population means achieving this goal is more challenging than ever.

Currently, 8.4 million people live in the capital. This is expected to become 10 million in the 2030s. We must carry on supporting this growth if London's success is to continue.

We also have to balance delivering our services with one of the biggest savings and efficiency programmes in the public sector. Our success depends on Government support through grants and borrowing, our fare payers, developing our commercial income and achieving our efficiency targets.

How we work

Our Commissioner reports to our Board and leads a management team which is accountable for the daily running of the organisation and the work of more than 25,000 employees.

We gained most of our functions from our predecessor London Regional Transport, but only took over responsibility for the Underground in 2003.

How we are organised

There are three units, each with responsibility for different aspects of the organisation:

  • Surface Transport
  • Underground
  • Crossrail

Surface Transport covers the following areas:

Underground covers the following areas:

Crossrail Ltd

This joint venture between Transport for London and the Department for Transport built the section of the Elizabeth line running under central London.