HS2 works

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January and early February 2023

Planned works

Until mid-February, there will be works on Euston Road between Upper Woburn Place and Gower Street in both directions.


  • There are no segregated cycle lanes on Euston Road at this location
  • There are alternative dedicated cycle lanes to the south along Tavistock Street


Some crossing points on Euston Road have been temporarily moved and some walking routes diverted. More changes may be required during the works.

  • Use the temporary walking routes
  • Pay attention to signs

Bus station closure

There will also be separate weekend closures of Euston Bus Station on:  

  • Friday 27 at 21:30 to Monday 30 January at 03:00
  • Friday 3 at 21:30 to Monday 6 February at 03:00
  • Friday 10 at 21:30 to Monday 13 February  at 03:00

Many bus routes will be diverted. Routes 18, 59, 68 and 253 will stop short of their normal destinations.

Use nearby bus stops instead.

From Monday 20 February to mid-June 2023

Planned works

HS2 will be removing the central reservation on Euston Road between North Gower Street and Eversholt Street.  

Lanes on the A501 Euston Road will be closed for this work. Although four lanes will be kept open, the road is expected to be extremely busy with long queues and delays.

The work will be carried out in phases:

  • Monday 20 February to early April -  two lanes open in each direction
  • Early April to mid-June - two lanes open eastbound, all three lanes open westbound

During these works

  • The speed limit of Euston Road will be reduced to 20 MPH
  • Lane widths through the works will be narrower than usual
  • There will be queues heading east from Regents Park heading east and heading west beyond the Kings Cross Gyratory
  • There will be significant delays to journeys


There will be no bus lane in either direction and no dedicated cycle lane. Take care when driving as other users get used to unfamiliar layouts and narrower lanes

Driving to central London

  • Consider using a different route
  • Euston Road is less busy before 06:00 and after 22:00

Avoiding central London

These alternative routes could mean a quicker and easier journey:

  • The Inner Ring Road south of the river
  • The A406 North Circular
  •  The A205 South Circular 

Short trips

Access to locations along the A501 Euston Road or in central London is likely to be quicker and easier on foot, by cycle or by the tube.

See our walking tube map.


Bus services may be changed or delayed and bus stops may need to be moved along Euston Road between North Gower Street and Eversholt Street .  

  • The westbound bus lane will be shortened during the early stages of the works 

  • There will be no eastbound bus lane during most of the works

  • These routes are expected to experience some disruption, delays or changes to their normal service:
    17,18, 24, 27, 29, 30, 46, 59, 63, 68, 73, 91, 134, 168, 205, 214, 253, 259, 390, 476, N5, N20, N73, N91, N205 and N253


  • There will be no segregated cycle lanes on Euston Road at this location
  • Lanes will be narrower
  • There will be more HGVs and work vehicles in the area
  • There are alternative dedicated cycle lanes to the south along Tavistock Street


There are no more changes planned to pedestrian crossings for this phase of HS2 works. 

  • Pay attention to signs when you're walking in the area

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