Travel plans


Travel plans are long term management strategies which should support sustainable and active travel at both new and existing developments. Our current guidance on travel plans for new developments in London was released in late 2013. This guidance includes an explanation of a travel plan, what it should contain, and how to monitor, secure and enforce travel plans.

The guidance is split into five sections:

  1. The travel plan
  2. What the travel plan should contain
  3. How we secure and enforce travel plan targets
  4. How we monitor the progress of travel plans



iTRACE is an online tool that helps users develop and monitor travel plans in London. It has two key elements:

  • A range of tools which organisations may use to develop their travel plan
  • A travel plan project management application for use by local councils' travel plan officers


TRICS is the national standard system of trip generation and analysis in the UK and Ireland. We recommended it after it replaced TRAVL in 2014. The database holds multi-modal survey data and allows users to predict the number of trips that will be generated by a particular development proposal. Pre-2014 TRAVL data for London can also be accessed through TRICS.


ATTrBuTE was our assessment tool for building, testing, reviewing and evaluating travel plans. It is no longer in use.