Court sets date for Metronet's transfer to TfL

23 May 2008
"we will seek to put in place a stable, economic and efficient structure"

we will seek to put in place a stable, economic and efficient structure

Metronet's exit from Administration and transfer to TfL neared completion today, as the High Court set the date for the transfer of the people, assets and contracts of the Metronet business to two TfL-owned nominee companies.

This will take place at 00:01 on 27 May 2008.

All Metronet Rail staff will be transferring to the nominee companies under their existing terms and conditions and in accordance with TUPE regulations.

London Underground Managing Director, Tim O'Toole, said: 'We are now in the final stages of removing Metronet from Administration, which is a major achievement and extremely good news for London's Tube passengers.

'Metronet will transfer to TfL next week.


'In dealing with the collapse of Metronet, and through the Administration process, there have been two key priorities.

'First, to ensure the continued safe and reliable operation of the Tube network for passengers.

'That has been achieved and I would like to pay tribute to the hard work and dedication shown by all Metronet and London Underground staff, as well as the PPP Administrators.

'Secondly, following Administration, we will seek to put in place a stable, economic and efficient structure that is better able to deliver TfL's investment priorities leading to increased capacity on the Tube in future, along with station, security, communications and accessibility improvements.

'The transfer to TfL control will enable us to further restructure and properly plan for the future.'

Maintaining safety

Andie Harper, Chief Executive of Metronet Rail since November 2007 will continue in this role following the transfer.

Andie Harper will report to London Underground Managing Director Tim O'Toole.

The PPP Administrators Ernst & Young will no longer have any involvement in the running of Metronet Rail operations following transfer to TfL.

The key objectives of the PPP Administrators to maintain the safe operation of the Metronet Rail business during Administration, and transfer the business to a new owner will have been successfully achieved.

The PPP Administrators will continue to have a role in overseeing the remaining assets and liabilities of Metronet Rail BCV Limited and Metronet Rail SSL Limited that are not transferring to TfL.

Notes to editors:

Metronet Rail BCV Ltd and Metronet Rail SSL Ltd entered PPP Administration on 18 July 2007. London Underground is working closely with the Administrators, Ernst & Young, to ensure all necessary maintenance and renewal works continue
  • Metronet Rail BCV is responsible for the maintenance and renewal of the Bakerloo, Central, Victoria and Waterloo & City lines
  • Metronet Rail SSL is responsible for the maintenance and renewal of the sub surface lines - the Circle, District, Hammersmith & City and Metropolitan lines; and
  • Following transfer, the Metronet Rail name and brand will continue to remain in use. The nominee companies LUL Nominee BCV Limited and LUL Nominee SSL Limited, will trade as Metronet Rail BCV and Metronet Rail SSL respectively