Credit highlights

  1. Critical for London and the UK economy   
    • Every day around 31 million journeys are made on our network, including half of all bus and rail travel in England   
    • Constantly growing demand for services, with London's population set to reach around 10 million by 2030
  2. Large and unique asset base   
    • Our asset base exceeds £34bn, and includes rolling stock   
  3. Strong statutory framework and relationship with Government   
    • A public sector statutory corporation, created by primary legislation   
    • Subject to the Local Government Prudential Borrowing regime, with limits on borrowing agreed with Government as part of our funding settlement    
    • Required by legislation to produce a balanced budget each year
    • Immediate access to central government funding via the Public Works Loan Board virtually eliminates liquidity risk
    • Treated as part of Government in terms of Public Sector Net Debt by Office of National Statistics  
  4. Strong operating and project track record   
    • Consistent delivery of balanced Business Plan and key projects   
    • Resilience during, and strong recovery from, the economic downturn   
    • Transparent financial planning and predictable financial performance, both of which are subject to a high degree of scrutiny   
  5. Highly-rated issuer   
    • Ranked within one notch below the UK Government by the three main rating agencies

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