Reducing deliveries and servicing visits

Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) have led the way in showing these changes can deliver big benefits to your business, saving you time and money, and making the local area more pleasant and less polluted.

Here are four ways your business can streamline deliveries and servicing:

1. Get the full picture of your deliveries and servicing visits

Understand the types of deliveries and servicing visits your business receives and the impact it has. Get started by downloading and completing a delivery monitoring survey.

2. Reducing the frequency of deliveries

Can your suppliers deliver less often? Many businesses have contracts with, for example, stationery suppliers for next-day delivery and receive orders every day of the week. You could change this by grouping deliveries and arranging with your supplier to only deliver two days per week regardless of when orders are made.

Better Bankside BID cut four deliveries per week by bulk-ordering milk at the start of the week.

3. Reducing the number of suppliers

Using fewer suppliers can cut down your administration and delivery costs. This could include:

Taking advantage of local preferred supplier schemes. Joining with neighbouring businesses to use the same providers, eg waste collection or office supplies.

A framework report provides research and information for reducing the number of suppliers 

Reducing consumable goods, for example changing paper cups to glasses and mugs.

Visit DeliverBest.London to find out about local schemes and solutions that can make deliveries to your business more efficient.

Share suppliers. Talk to your landlord as they may manage multiple buildings and be able to coordinate suppliers for all their tenants. If you work in a building with multiple businesses you may be able to share procurement for everything from pest control to cleaning services.

4. Reducing personal deliveries

Personal items are estimated to make up 30-40% of all post delivered to workplaces. By reducing or stopping personal deliveries to your business you can keep overheads down and increase the efficiency of your post room or reception.

Many companies, including TfL, John Lewis and HSBC have introduced programmes to reduce personal deliveries to their central London offices.

This needs a strong internal communications campaign to make sure employees are aware of the change and the reasons behind it. To help you reduce the impact of personal deliveries, download the personal deliveries toolkit.

5. Case Studies

Working with London businesses we have produced case studies showing best practice examples of reducing deliveries.