Parking enquiries

Towed away or clamped?

Your first call should be to Tow-away Removal and Clamping Enquires (TRACE). It's a free 24-hour service. Call 0845 206 8602.

Metropolitan Police

You must speak to the Metropolitan Police in advance about any events that may involve large numbers of coaches.

Phone: 101 or 020 7230 1212(to contact your local police service)
Fax: 020 7230 6615
Address: Metropolitan Police, CO.11. Public Order Branch, Room 709, New Scotland Yard, London SWIH 0BG

Visit the Metropolitan Police website.

City Police

For enquiries about the City of London area, please contact:

Phone: 020 7601 2143
Address: City of London Police, Wood Street, London EC2P 2NQ

Other parking enquiries

For general enquiries, contact London Councils:

Phone: 020 7934 9999
Address: London Councils, 59½ Southwark Street, London SE1 0AL

The Confederation of Passenger Transport

The Confederation of Passenger Transport UK is the trade association for bus, coach, light rail and metro operators. It gives passenger transport operators a voice through political lobbying and media liaison.

Visit the Confederation of Passenger Transport UK website.