Unused single, return or day paper ticket

Before you claim

You can get a refund if you haven't used your ticket and you send it to us before the start date.

We do not give a refund for used or partly used One Day Bus & Tram Passes, Day Travelcards or single or return paper tickets.

Claim a refund by post

Send your:

  • Contact details (name, email, phone number and address)
  • Ticket
  • An explanation of why you no longer need the ticket

TfL Customer Services
4th Floor
14 Pier Walk
SE10 0ES

We will then contact you to process the refund.

Refunds due to coronavirus

You can apply for a refund for your Travelcard or Bus & Tram Pass season ticket if you're self-isolating or not travelling due to concerns about coronavirus. 

Your refund is based on the price of your season ticket, minus the cost of the equivalent travelcards you would have needed for the period of time you used it to travel. The difference between these two costs is what you'll be refunded. You won't be refunded on a pro-rata basis.

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