Paper season ticket no longer needed

Before you claim

We won't charge you an admin fee.

You can get a refund if you have stopped using your ticket, and there is at least:

  • 6 weeks remaining on an Annual ticket
  • 7 days remaining on a Monthly ticket
  • 3 days remaining on a 7 Day ticket - in some cases if you have used your 7 Day ticket for just 3 days, there may be no refund due

We can't pause your season ticket.

You can only claim a refund from us if you bought your ticket at a TfL Rail or London Overground station. If you bought your ticket from Trainline, CommuterClub or another train company, such as Southeastern or Southern, you must contact them for a refund.

If you bought your ticket using a travel warrant, any refund will be paid to the warrant issuer. If you bought your ticket using a loan, for example from your employer, contact them to discuss your refund. It's likely your refund will be less than the amount you still owe on the loan.

Claim a refund

You can claim a refund for your paper season ticket by email. You must include:

  1. First and last name
  2. House/flat number and postcode
  3. Payment details:

    Paid by card or mobile app account
    First six and last four digits of your long bank card number or mobile app account. Do not give us your CVC (three numbers) on the back of your card. If your card has expired, we need the numbers from your old card (if you have it) and your new card.

    Paid by cash
    Bank account number and sort code that you want your refund to be paid into.
  4. A clear photo of the front of your whole ticket
  5. A clear photo of the front of your ticket, cut in half. Keep your ticket until you get your refund and it expires as we may need to see it in future.
  6. The last date you used your ticket
  7. Photocard ID number
  8. Send us your details:

    If you bought your paper season ticket from TfL Rail, email

    If you bought your paper season ticket from London Overground, email

If you don't include all the information we need, it will take longer to process your refund.

Your refund is based on the price of your season ticket, minus the cost of the equivalent travelcards you would have needed for the period of time you used it to travel. The difference between these two costs is what you'll be refunded.

You won't be refunded on a pro-rata basis. The amount refunded will not usually be in direct proportion to the original cost of the season ticket.

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