Tube and DLR delays

Before you claim

Please wait at least 48 hours as you might receive an automatic refund.

We do not give refunds for delays outside our control, including:

  • Strikes
  • Security alerts
  • Bad weather
  • Customer incidents e.g. a person falling ill on a train
  • Engineering works

You need a contactless and Oyster account to claim a refund. If you don't have one already, you'll need to create one.

If you used pay as you go or a Travelcard on Oyster, refunds are given as pay as you go credit, web credit or by transfer into your bank account

If you used a paper ticket or National Rail smartcard, refunds are made by transfer into your bank account

We do not give refunds if you travel for free using a Freedom Pass, 60+ Oyster photocard, Veterans Oyster photocard, or for children aged 11 or under travelling for free accompanied by an adult.

You must claim within 28 days of the delay.

Claim a refund online

If the delay happened in the last 28 days and you were delayed for 15 minutes or more:

Or create an account.

National Rail smartcards

Choose 'paper ticket' as your ticket type if you use a National Rail smartcard and enter your full card number where asked to enter your ticket number.