Account overview

You can see:

  • Whether you have any notifications
  • An overview of cards listed in your account
  • Links to your journey history and payment details
  • A summary of the cost of your travel so far today
  • Your personal details
  • How to contact us


If there is an issue with your card preventing you from using it to travel you will get a notification. This might happen because:

  • Your card issuer has declined payment for a journey you have already made
  • TfL has stopped your card for travel

You can select each notification to see what you need to do to be able to continue travelling with your contactless card, mobile phone or other contactless device.

We also post notifications if:

  • You have an incomplete journey
  • We have automatically completed a journey

My cards

This section shows all contactless and Oyster cards, mobile phones and other devices that have been added to your account. 'Card status' is shown for contactless 'cards' (ie whether they can be used for travel), and you can select each one to see detailed information of its journey and refunds history.

Journey and payments history

Sign in to your contactless and Oyster account to see journeys and payments you've made right up to the end of the previous day.

You can see journey history for up to 12 months on your contactless card and 8 weeks' history on your Oyster account. You can also select which month you want to view.

Your journey history can be downloaded as a CSV text file, which can be used with most spreadsheet/database applications, or as a PDF.

You also have the option of checking your payments history. Select 'payments view' from the drop down box.

As well as a daily summary, you can see the fares charged for individual journeys.

Today's travel

You can see the estimated cost of the journeys you have made so far today.

You can expand the box to see the journeys that we have details of so far.

This is not a final charge so you need to sign in to your account the day after you have travelled to see the confirmed journey details and fares charged.

Online refund applications

If you don't touch in at the start or out at the end of your journey on rail or River Bus services in London, you may have an incomplete journey and be charged a maximum fare.

Find out more about touching in and out using contactless.

You may be able to apply for a refund of the difference between the maximum fare charged and the actual fare for the journey you made.

To apply online for a refund:
  • Sign in to your contactless and Oyster account
  • Check the notifications - you can only apply for a refund if your incomplete journey is displayed here
  • Select the journey you want to apply for a refund on and follow the instructions on screen
  • You can apply online for three incomplete journey refunds per calendar month
  • You must apply within eight weeks of making the incomplete journey

Sometimes, you can't apply for a refund online for incomplete journeys. This may be because we have already processed an automatic refund.

Find out more about incomplete journeys.

You can see the details of your refunds history for your contactless card, mobile phone and other devices for up to 8 weeks.

Automatically completed journeys

Sometimes, you may not be able to touch out as you leave a station. This may be because a station is very busy because of a major sporting or entertainment event. When this happens we will try to automatically complete the journey, so that you are not charged a maximum fare.

We also recognise that it is possible to occasionally forget to touch out. When this happens, we will also attempt to complete the journey automatically, based on your recent journey history.

What do the symbols mean?

This table explains the icons and information we use in your online journey and payment history to indicate events that have affected the overall charge.


Icon Meaning Explanation
Exclamation mark in yellow triangle Requires your attention There is an issue with your card, but you can still use it to travel (for example, you have an incomplete journey)

Exclamation mark in red triangle Action needed

Your card cannot currently be used on our services, you need to resolve the problem before you can use it to travel again (for example, unpaid fares)

Payments and journey history

Icon Meaning Explanation
Exclamation mark in yellow triangle Requires your attention

You have been charged a maximum fare and may be able to apply for a refund
Daily capped fare icon
Capped fare

This shows you that you've reached a daily cap

Monday to Sunday capped fare icon Capped fare 
This shows that you've reached a weekly cap
Blue circular icon with an arrow inside it pointing right
Automatically completed journey
We have automatically completed an incomplete journey, based on your frequent travel, you have not been charged a maximum fare
Three different combined icons
Combined icons when more than one event has occurred

For example, an incomplete journey plus a cap
3 combined journey history icons